Sunday, July 24, 2011


Looks like the open fracture has been fixed with external fixation, but yet malunion still persists...

(Pic courtesy of Dr. LJ)


Apparently the oldest living person in the world is from Sarawak...

(Pic courtesy of Dr. LJ of SGH)

Saturday, July 9, 2011


The oncologist was discussing with his trainee about a paediatric patient with a particular brain tumour who needed a certain radiotherapy treatment.

Oncologist: Have you seen CSI? (refering to craniospinal irradiation)

Trainee: Which episode?

Oncologist: ???


This was posted on the notice board outside the medical school library. I wonder who is the poor student who lost his/ her glass eye.


The Urology & Oncology Departments of University Malaya Medical Centre have a combined clinic every Friday to discuss urology cancer cases such as prostate cancer, renal cell carcinoma & so on. During one particular combined clinic, the Urology Professor was telling his medical student about a patient with prostate cancer who was being referred to the oncologist for radiotherapy.

Urology Prof: This patient is going to have IMRT

Medical student: (shocked) Ayam mati????

Oncology doctors: (pengsan!)

*IMRT stands for intensity modulated radiation therapy, a modern radiotherapy technique where the intensity of radiation can be modified to deliver high dose radiation to tumour while sparing adjacent normal tissues.

Friday, November 26, 2010


Scenario radiotherapy review session

Patient: (who is in his twenties) doctor, are you married?
Doctor: (this boy really got nerves, does he know how old I am?)
Patient: Doctor, if you're not married yet, maybe you can consider my uncle

Scenario clinic counter

Doctor: (receiving a parcel from a despatch boy) ok lepas sign kat sini, apa lagi kena tulis?
Despatch boy: Kalau doktor muda lagi, I akan mintak phone number...tapi tak payah lah

Scenario another ward to see a referral

Doctor: (searching for a middle aged malay lady in bed 23....but noticed that it is an elderly Chinese lady occupying the bed)
Doctor: (went to ward counter & asked the clerk) mana patient XYZ yang sepatutnya berada di katil 23?
Clerk: Mana ada, doktor? Memang patient ABC yang duduk katil 23. Ward ni takde patient nama XYZ...
Doctor: Is this Ward 7C?
Clerk: Ini Ward 6C la

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sleepless in UM

A drug rep turned friend recently asked me about my blog over lunch. He said I haven't been active in here lately. Well, at least he didn't say that my blog is full of cobwebs. Anyhow, I decided to just drop a few lines. Weird things have been happening to me and around me lately that I thought maybe the ghost month hasn't ended yet.
  • Came to office on a weekend to do some paper work and noticed all my patients' files were missing from my room
  • Couldn't leave office after work is done because a bulldozer was blocking my car
  • Couldn't get an urgent MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) eventhough it was urgently needed and patient was willing to pay the extra charges
  • Heard noices outside the oncall room at night but nurses said there was no one around
  • Oncalls are becoming more and more "jonah" with unexpected things happening
  • A medical officer calling a support staff weirdo (I do not condone to this of course)
  • A support staff calling a registrar the most troublesome person she's (the support staff) ever met (WTH)

and the list goes on....

My friend will probably freak out reading this and will never ever ask me to update my blog again, haha...